It's a new year, so we've given ourselves a new name and a new look. The only things that haven't changed are the awesome content and the great team that delivers it.

A lot of these changes will be rolling out over the next several weeks on air and online. Let's start with Facebook.


If you liked WCSH6 or WLBZ 2 on Facebook, congratulations: you now like NEWS CENTER Maine! The two pages have merged into one, making it a central hub for all the latest updates from across the state. Instead of searching for our call letters, search for NEWS CENTER Maine, and our fancy new logo should pop right up. (Pssst: if you haven't liked our Facebook pages in the past, now is a really good time to like NEWS CENTER Maine!)

Now, if you haven't like either page before, and try to search WCSH or WLBZ, you will get an error page. Have no fear, we're still there...just search NEWS CENTER Maine and you will find our combined page.

Now on to Twitter. Unfortunately, we cannot combine WCSH6 and WLBZ2 Twitter handles the way we did on Facebook. Instead, WCSH6 has turned into NEWS CENTER Maine and the WLBZ 2 Twitter account will no longer function after a few days. If you currently follow WLBZ 2 on Twitter, please click here to follow @NEWSCENTERmaine. We will give everyone on WLBZ ample opportunity to switch before we close the account.

Same goes for our apps. WCSH 6 will change to NEWS CENTER Maine, and WLBZ 2 will be removed from all app stores. Again, we will send push alerts to WLBZ app users informing them of the switch.

Lastly, you wil see a change on your desktop as well. and will combine to become It gets even better. Not only will we be one website, we are overhauling the look and navigation of the site. we think you will love how the new site looks and feels. We listened to your suggestions and think we made it much more user friendly.

In the end, you get all of our statewide content in one place, on each platform. Thanks for coming along for the ride!