Portland has new rules regulating short-term rentals like Airbnbs

Councilors approved new rules on these types of rentals Monday night meant to combat the city’s housing crisis.

The idea is for as many apartments as possible to be available to rent long-term.
Under the new rules -- single family homes and condos without a live-in owner can only be rented out on the islands.
There's also a cap on how many non-owner occupied short term rentals can be in the city.

The limit is set at 300.
Mayor Ethan Strimling is hopeful the new rules will begin to make finding housing in the city easier.

“There's just no way to believe that short-term rentals aren’t impacting the housing market,” he said. “This hopefully will put some brakes on that.”

The new rules will also charge fees, collected by the city, on certain types of short-term rentals.
Strimling says the law will likely be tweaked as it goes into effect.