YORK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Habitat for Humanity helps needy families build and purchase their own homes.

In York County, the agency has been doing it for more than three decades. Right now, work is underway on it’s 28th home and for the family that will someday occupy it, it truly is life changing.

In a quiet neighborhood in the coastal community of Wells, several workers from Steadfast Construction donated their time this week to help build Habitat for Humanity’s latest home.

A town away in York, parents Charlie and Shannon Carter were welcoming their 9 year old son Dakota home from School. Unlike most children, Dakota has many challenges.

“He’s non-verbal, non-mobile, so he relies on us to carry him around, to get him in and out of the house and out of the car, to the bathroom”, said his mother.

Dakota was born with a rare genetic mutation. He’s one of only 12 people in the world who have it. Things that come with ease for most parents, such as getting their kids settled in after school or feeding them, are much more difficult for the Carters.

But soon things will become easier for them because that building under construction in Wells is their new home.

“It was shocking, surprising. I never really thought that we would be chosen. I always feel like there are people worse off than us”, said Shannon Carter.

For 9 years the Carter’s have lived with their two children in a small, second floor apartment above a storage facility. They’ve tried to find an affordable first floor unit in the area without any luck.

“To be able to find a place to live is very difficult for the Carters, that would accommodate their needs. So being able to help them, who’s challenges are above and beyond the average family, is very rewarding”, said Habitat for Humanity's Amy Nucci.

Like other families that have taken part, Nucci says the Carters will have to spend 400 hours in sweat equity, including helping to build the house. It’s something Charlie Carter welcomes.

“It’s amazing. We have our neighbors coming over, our future neighbors I should say, they’re putting in some work and getting to know them real well”, he said.

The beauty of building this home from scratch for the Carters is it will be built specifically to meet their son’s needs, with accessibility features inside and out. It will make Dakota much more comfortable in a place the whole family can call home. Their home.

“It’s like a dream come true. We never thought we would be at that point, especially to own a house and know it’s ours”, said Shannon Carter.

They say spring is a time for new beginnings and that will be the case for the Carter family. While winter weather will dictate the construction schedule, the plan is to have them in their new home by then.

A fundraising event will be held December 8th at Wells High School featuring the Downeasters barbershop quartet. Proceeds will go towards the Carter's home and other Habitat for Humanity projects. If you would like more information about Habitat for Humanity visit their website www.habitatyorkcounty.org

Also efforts are underway to help the Carters purchase an accessible van to bring Dakota to and from his doctors appointments and hospital visits. You can find information about that at Dakota's Ride website and Facebook page.