CONWAY, N.H. — Police in Conway, New Hampshire, are looking for the mother of a fetus found last Tuesday at a wastewater treatment plant.

Conway police were notified on Feb. 5 of human remains at a pumping station in Conway, owned and operated by the Conway Village Fire District. A release from state's attorney general's office says that the fetus most likely ended up at the pumping station through the sewer systems.

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A few days later, on Friday, Feb. 8, the medical examiner's office conducted an autopsy and classified the remains as a fetus. The office determined that the fetus had not taken a breath, was not viable, and that the pregnancy loss was the result of a spontaneous natural miscarriage.

This investigation is ongoing, as authorities continue to try to locate the mother to determine she is safe.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the Conway Police Department at 603-356-5715