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Mother Nature comes up big: Mainers soak up sun on Memorial Day

After a long winter and spring, the weather this holiday weekend was a welcome treat.
Credit: NCM

OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine — After a long winter and spring, the weather over the holiday weekend was a welcome treat.

Memorial Day, itself, was the best day yet. 

Mother Nature came up big, and her timing couldn't be better.

Alex Monastiero drove from New Hampshire to Old Orchard Beach with her husband Kyle, their nine-month-old twins and her parents.

"It's gorgeous out. I mean I'm so glad to be passed all that rain, it's been a tough spring" Kyle said. 

Alex smiled when she talked about how much her twins were loving their first time at the beach.

Misty Ouellette from Minot was enjoying lunch on the boardwalk.

"It's been a long winter, long spring, not very nice, but this? It's beautiful."

Beautiful weather that has brought out the masses to Old Orchard Beach on this Memorial Day.

Sophia Guthrie, from Gardiner says there's a lot of fun things to do at Old Orchard Beach.

Ari Markos who was sitting with Sophie says she likes the arcade, going on the rides and the beach.

The beach was crowded.

"This is beautiful, it's amazing to have a holiday with this great weather to enjoy the beach" says Michelle Cloutier of Saco.

Kevin Collins from Mechanic Falls was at the beach. He was feeling grateful, knowing full well not everyone in Maine is enjoying the sand and surf.

"My friends are camping right now in Eustis and they had a snowman they built with snow that was still sticking around, so definitely ready for summer to show up and be here finally."

Businesses were also ready, particularly the ones that count on tourism and beautiful weather to keep the vacationers coming.

And If long lines are any indication of a success, the summer tourist season is off to a good start.

Nine-year-old Nathan Gonzalez, of Skowhegan was excited to spend the holiday with his family at Old Orchard Beach. 

"The food is really good here" When asked what he liked better, fries or pizza or both? Nathan said without hesitation, "both."

It was a picture perfect day Mainers hope to see a lot more of this summer.