PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – Spencer Thibodeau is most commonly known as a Portland City Councilor. It is outside of city hall where he is truly thriving.

At 29-years-old, he was raised in Portland. Now, he is a lawyer. But we were interested in the more personal things.

"You know everyone watches HGTV? I actually love HGTV,” he said. "I'm mean flip or flop. Who doesn't love that show."

Humor aside, Thibodeau is a humble guy who loves the city he grew up in. As the second district city councilor he said he aims for positive change, but has learned it often takes time.

"When we pick up our phones. Right? I mean we expect them to work and that's the way we expect life to work for us. You pick it up, it should be easy. And when it doesn't we get frustrated,’ Thibodeau said.

He did not get to where he is easily though. He was adopted, and in 8th grade he was only at a 5th grade reading level.

Today, he credits his family for his success.

"I'm just grateful for where I am I love my family," he said. “They have pretty much gotten me to where I am.”

He has taken all of his challenges and turned them into something positive. He is involved in efforts to support kids, make the city more environmentally friendly and boost area businesses.

Have we mentioned he loves Portland? Thibodeau even shared his favorite lunch spot with us along Long Warf.

“Is this not a great spot for lunch?” he asked a passerby.

That is just how outgoing Thibodeau is. Whether he is joking around with total strangers or stopping by to visit friends at local businesses, he is certainly thriving in the state's big city of Portland.

"I am so lucky. I just think about. I could have been anywhere in the world right. But I was here in Portland,” he said.




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