(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Simple conversation. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Jack Burke says it’s key to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship. He says the simple question, “How was your day?” is one of the best things you can ask your partner.

Here’s why:

It is a reminder that you are not alone. Humans mate. We do not like to be alone. Not even introverts.

It is a reminder that somebody cares about you. We can know from the sheer volume of love songs, romance stories and movies that being cared about is important to us humans.

It is a reminder that we count. The events of our day may seem small or unimportant, but not to someone who loves us.

Jack goes on to say that the biggest threat to these simple conversations that bond us is distraction. He paints the picture, “There's supper to start, homework to supervise, clean clothes for tomorrow, your phone is vibrating, and you've got to respond to that email!” (Recommended reading: Married to Distraction by Edward and Sue Hallowell, Ballentine Books 2011)

Spouses and partners need time to nurture their relationship. Jack suggests that couples carve out a regular time each and every day to take turns with each other asking and answering, “How was your day?”