HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – Congressman Bruce Poliquin is known for his support of Veterans, New Balance sneakers and the Murphy bed he always talks about in his Washington office, but we wanted to learn more.

NEWS CENTER’s Zach Blanchard joined Poliquin at one of the congressman’s favorite spots: Dysart’s.


Q: How is [your son] Sam?
A: Sam is doing great.

Q: Do you have time to see him?
A: No. I see him during the holidays. He'll be coming home for Thanksgiving. I raised him you know as a single dad when Jane died. He was still in diapers.

Q: Does it ever get easier?
A: No no no. I think about her every day. We knew each other for a long time. We dated off and on for 17 years. Finally she said ‘Look buster! Are we getting married or not?’ But you don't forget you don't forget you don't. But it's good to keep memories alive.



Q: What is your favorite Maine food?
A: Lobster, but I don't eat it with butter.

Q: What do you eat with it?
A: I just eat it. I mean you gotta take the shell off. You don't want to pollute it with butter.

Q: So no lobster rolls?
A: No I don't like mayonnaise.

Q: So those are for out-of-staters?
A: Yeah. Let them pay the premium price for that and I'll get the real thing!


Q: Are you a big music guy?
A: Yeah. Kinda.

Q: Whatever's on the radio?
A: No. whatever Sam likes. He introduced me to techno.

Q: Are you serious?
A: Yeah. I listen to techno. I don't listen to music with lyrics. Because it's got a beat. It's happy. It's dancing music.

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Q: What advice would you give to yourself as a kid?
A: The older you get the more humbling life becomes. You're not perfect. You’re gonna make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes, but never ever give up. Never give up, and don't forget who you are.

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