PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours go into making a wedding perfect. But it only takes seconds to shatter the illusion, totally free of charge.

A tipsy uncle or cranky flower girl can raise eyebrows or hackles, depending on how badly they misbehave. At the time when they happen, such antics seem like major disasters. But years later, they become funny and cherished family stories.

Of course, the potential for lasting embarrassment is much bigger when millions of people around the world are watching your wedding for even the slightest slip-up. That is the pressure facing England's royal family as they get ready to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19.

If they need any reassurance that life goes on after a wedding fail, this is the place to find it. NEWS CENTER Maine's Lee Nelson and Cindy Williams were good-natured enough to open up about a few of the stumbles they endured on their walk down the aisle. And we invite viewers to chime in on Facebook with their own stories of wedding mishaps.