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Snow brush. Shovel. Cat litter?! Things you should have in your car this winter

With the first snow storm of the season approaching, here are some helpful tips to keep you safe on the road.

PORTLAND, Maine — The next 24 hours are going to be a rainy snowy mess across much of the state. 

It's Mother Nature's way of reminding us winter is not all that far away. 

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Are you ready?

Here are some helpful items the National Weather Service recommends having in your car in the event of an emergency (in no particular order).

  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Cell Phone, Charger
  3. Jumper Cables
  4. Tire Chains or Snow Tires
  5. Flares
  6. Water, Snacks
  7. Flashlight
  8. Boots, Mittens, Warm Clothes
  9. Blanket
  10. Tow Rope
  11. Shovel, Ice Scraper, Snow Brush
  12. Bag of Sand or Cat Litter
  13. Full Tank of Gas
Credit: National Weather Service