PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- With valentines day around the corner flowers are something that many of you might be purchasing or receiving.

Studies have shown that both giving and receiving flowers make people happier so the Petal it Forward campaign wants to add a little joy to those passing through downtown Portland Wednesday.

Diversified Communications, a Portland-based producer of global trade shows, including the International Floriculture Expo, is teaming up with Fiddleheads Flowers in Cape Elizabeth to share the joy of flowers with Portland commuters on Wednesday, between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a..m.

The event complements the national "Petal it Forward" campaign by the Society of American Florists, and comes just in time for Valentine's Day.

Members from Diversified and Fiddleheads will be hitting the streets of Portland's Downtown District Wednesday morning, passing out flowers to passersby. Hundreds of people will get the unexpected surprise of receiving two individual rose bouquets as they head to work, run errands, or go about their morning routines.

They'll then be asked to "Petal it Forward," by passing one along to a friend, loved one, or stranger.

"Flowers make people happy; they put a smile on your face. We wanted to share that joy with hundreds of local people," said Lora Burns from Diversified Communications. "It's timely, because we have Valentine's Day around the corner, and we're kicking off our campaign for the International Floriculture Expo, but we also chose this day because it's just your average regular weekday, and we wanted to say, 'sometimes the best reason to send or give flowers is no reason at all.'"

The companies will spend Tuesday prepping the hundreds of individual bouquets that they'll pass out Wednesday in Monument Square, the Arts District, the Old Port, and surrounding areas.