LISBON, Maine — For Mainers, there may be no beverage with as polarizing a taste as Moxie. The unique soda certainly has found a major following in Maine and beyond. One place with a deep connection to it is Lisbon, Maine. 

This weekend Lisbon will host the 37th annual Moxie Festival. 

The festival originated when a local store owner invited an author to Lisbon who wrote a book about Moxie, unofficially creating the first Moxie Festival. Since then, the festival has grown each year. It now features a whole host of events including concerts, fireworks, a parade and of course a moxie chugging contest. 

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"People come from all over. Probably everyone in town will be here," said festival coordinator Julie-Ann Baumer. "We expect anywhere between 30,000 and 60,000 people will visit our town. It is a quirky little festival and it definitely has an appeal to people who like things that are different.”

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This year's Moxie Festival will kick off at 4pm on Friday with vendors lining the streets, as well as a concert later in the night. 

For a full list of events, you can visit the Moxie Festival website.