(NEWS CENTER) -- As we mentioned, it's arts and crafts day on the Morning Report and Holistic Health Coach Heidi Symonds joins the Morning Report to nourish us.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

Reaching for your dreams and goals-whatever they are: losing weight, working towards that big promotion, thriving to be the best mom you can be, running that 5k, 10k half marathon.... ALL of it takes work. Hard work. And this process not only forces you to sit down and think about it and determine what it looks like, it taps into your creative side. That outlet that helps you connect into yourself and dream. To let your imagination go wild. To give yourself permission to want what you want. Even if it feels like a fantasy. If you don't dare to wish it, it certainly won't happen.

PLUS it gives your brain, your heart and the Universe a beautiful visual of what you are working towards.

Keep it on the fridge or in your office. In a place where you will see it. Let it motivate you. This really works. Maybe not instantly, but over time, you will see that you have manifested that dream vacation or found the strength to create the lifestyle that allows you to look and feel amazing.

Download your very own Vision Board Handout HERE.

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