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Animal shelter's viral post attracts truckloads of donations

The Bangor Humane Society turns to its Facebook followers for help and is blown away by the response.

BANGOR, Maine — Across the state, animal shelters are at their peak busy season during the summer months.

Recently, the Bangor Humane Society found it didn't have enough wet food to properly care for the 250 plus animals at the shelter.

The Bangor Humane Society took to social media for help. It posted a photo of its empty pantry on its Facebook page with the message, "HELP! We are currently caring for nearly 300 animals in house and in foster care, and we are almost completely out of wet cat food - can you help? We prefer Friskies Pate style, but will use anything!"

The donations quickly started pouring in. 

Delivery trucks filled with cat food began to arrive at the humane society. Dozens of people traveled to the humane society to deliver their donations in person.

"This response has been absolutely humbling and totally astronomical," says Bangor Humane Society Spokesperson Stacey Coventry. 

A few days after the initial Facebook post of the empty cabinets, the shelter followed up with a thank you message to its followers, showing off a very different looking stock room. 

Stacey Coventry says this has been the single largest influx of donations at the humane society in recent memory.

According to Coventry, the donated food allows the shelter to save money to cover other essential expenses for the animals.

"Whenever we can receive donations, it allows us to save costs and redirect our funds to things like veterinary care," says Coventry. 

The Bangor Humane Society isn't the only animal shelter in need. The summer months are the busiest time of year for all shelters. 

The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland is currently caring for more than 400 animals. 

Call your local shelter to find out what needs to be donated today. 


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