BUCKSPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Earthquake-sensing equipment confirmed what several Mainers have been saying about a tremor near Bucksport.

The Weston Observatory in Massachusetts detected an earthquake at 6:32 a.m. measuring at a 2.1 Nuttli magnitude. The quake was traced to a point 16 kilometers west of Bucksport at a depth of almost 5 kilometers beneath the earth's surface.

Numerous calls rang through to the Waldo Emergency Management Agency from people reporting they felt the tremor and heard a loud rumbling. Waldo EMA official Dale Rowley lives in Winterport and said he heard the sound himself. Rowley said he initially thought the rumbling was someone blasting ledge.

Several viewers also contacted NEWS CENTER to share their experiences.

James Frye of Monroe said his whole house shook. Frye said the jolt was powerful enough to knock things off his shelves.

A woman in Monroe says she heard a rumble and felt shaking that lasted a short time. She says nothing was broken in her home but it was quite a rumble.