If you live on a private road, or you don't clear the snow that piles up in your driveway on your own, you might use hired help.

It can cost anywhere from $20 to $200 to hire someone to plow for you.

While it's bad news for your wallet, it's good news for those who rely on plowing for income.
The longer the snow season lasts, the more business those contractors get.

A snowy winter is also good for the folks who sell the plows themselves like Messer Truck Equipment in Westbrook.

The president of the company, Jeff Messer, says his business reaps the benefits of a snowy winter the winter after.
Most of Messer's sales are done between Labor Day and December.

Customers coming in with memories of big snow piles lingering into April gives Messer more confidence a year will be good.

When he places his order for next season’s plows next week, he thinks he’ll order more than he did last year.

“The economy's still fairly strong, we had a good winter so I think I'm going to go a little bit larger than last year and I think sales will be good,” said Messer.
Other winners include people who ice fish.

Maine Game Wardens are extending the ice fishing season until April 16th because of the unusually cold weather.