PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- After a ten-year partnership training medical students, Maine Medical Center and Tufts University School of Medicinehave agreed on another ten more. More than 200 students have graduated from the Maine Track program since 2013, according to Maine Medical Center. Fifty-nine pursued residencies at MMC and another 61 at other New England hospitals, with many trying to return to Maine to practice in rural communities.

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The agreement will allow for future expansion, which is currently capped at 40 students.This is different from previous years. Now, medical students will spend more time in Portland training, rather than the majority of the first two years in Boston, and the third and fourth years at locations throughout Maine. MMC says that under the new agreement, students will spend their entire second year at Maine Medical Center.

Maine Med, Tufts program renewed for 10-years
Medical students enjoy lunch to celebrate Maine Track program renewal between Maine Medical Center and Tufts University

A luncheon and lecture at Maine Medical Center Thursday was held to celebrate the contract renewal and welcome the program's newest students. Medical students were awarded with stethoscopes at a ceremony. The new agreement begins August 1.