SKOWHEGAN (NEWS CENTER Maine)-- Donna Carter has been searching for her daughter since she was last seen on May 28th, 2017 in Skowhegan. Now, she pleads for anyone who knows something about Tina Stadig's disappearance to come forward.

On Tuesday, State Police investigators searched a property in Skowhegan where 40-year-old Stadig was last seen. Carter said she was hopeful for answers that day, but was told nothing was found. It was a crushing blow for a woman who has had no idea what happened to her daughter.

Stadig had been battling drug addiction and mental illness and lived in homeless shelters and spent short stays with friends. However, Carter said this did not define her daughter who "was a good person. She had a big heart. She cared for people. She always wanted to help people, even if when she couldn't even help herself."

Carter believes her daughter is no longer alive, as she has not touched the money in her disability account since her disappearance.

Carter is begging anyone with information about her daughter's whereabouts to come forward, and says, "I know she is gone," Carter said. "Somebody knows something, somebody's got to know something. And I want someone one to speak up".

If you have any information about Tina Stadig's disappearance or where she might have been in the hours following when she was last seen, Carter asks that you call the Skowhegan Police or the Maine State Police.