BETHEL, Maine — A dog that went missing from a boarding facility in Massachusetts was found 185 miles away in Bethel, Maine -- nearly eight months after he disappeared.

Missing Dogs Massachusetts released a Facebook video on Friday, Feb. 15 of a joyful reunion between an owner and his dog, Kaiser, who had been missing since June of 2018. At the beginning of the search, there were a few sightings of the German Shepherd mix, but the trail eventually ran cold. 

Earlier this winter in Bethel, Maine a woman's freezer died, so she was putting meat out on her porch to keep it cold. She went outside the next morning and found that most of the meat was gone -- and Kaiser was the culprit. 

The good Samaritan fed the dog for a few more weeks but was unable to get close enough to catch him. She contacted Animal Control, and the team trapped Kaiser. Unfortunately, they could not find a microchip or a collar with tags, and Kaiser was brought into the Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills shelter on Wednesday, Feb. 6. 

The shelter got a lot of reactions on Facebook from people who were interested in adopting Kaiser, but the organization wanted to wait to see if his original owners would step forward to claim him. 

The boarding facility that Kaiser went missing from never gave up on their search for the dog. Staff saw the posting of Kaiser on Maine Lost Dog and immediately reached out to the shelter. Kaiser's owners were contacted, and after some verification questions, Kaiser's dad went up to the shelter Friday to pick Kaiser up. 

Kaiser is a lot more thin and scared after his nearly year-long journey of almost 200 miles, but the video on Facebook shows a joyful reunion between dog and owner. MDM said it took a moment for Kaiser to realize who his owner was -- but when he did, he was very happy.