MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – Maine State Police continue to investigate an incident that has the small town of Millinocket reeling after two people were seriously injured in an attack at their home.

The incident happened around 8 o’clock Tuesday night on Massachusetts Avenue when someone entered the home and attacked the man and woman inside, according to police.

"I was in absolute shock – sick to my stomach. I didn't want to believe it,” life-long resident Kristi Davis said.

Davis and others in the area were shocked when they heard the news. Many are still on edge as police have yet to say if anyone has been arrested or if someone is still on the loose.

Several neighbors and Davis told NEWS CENTER that Wayne and Diem LaPierre were the ones injured.

Wayne LaPierre owns a small excavation and snow removal business in town. Davis said the glass company she works for leases the space in the building with that business from LaPierre.

“They’re just very busy people,” she said. “I can't imagine them crossing paths with anybody or making any enemies whatsoever.”

The incident sent Millinocket Regional Hospital into lockdown after the victims were transported there. That lockdown was lifted early Wednesday morning, Hospital officials referred to the incident as a “shooting.”

State Police would not confirm whether or not a gun was involved at a press conference in Bangor Wednesday.

"I'm not going to speculate on exactly what or why this happened,” Lt. Troy Gardner said.

Gardner did confirm that a man and woman were seriously injured and transferred to Eastern Maine Medical Center for treatment.

NEWS CENTER also spoke to a man who said he worked for LaPierre as well as Randy LaPierre of East Millinocket who said he was Wayne’s brother just after he heard about the incident.

“Sure I am,” Randy LaPierre said when asked if he was worried. “If you’re shot it could be serious."

Rand LaPierre said he did not know how this could have happened.

Neighbors told NEWS CENTER that the couple was in the process of getting a divorce.

"We don't lock her doors in this town we have our car is running at the grocery store kid sitting in there with their pocketbooks that's going to have to be rethought I guess,” Davis said.

State Police said they are likely to continue their on-scene investigation for a few days. The victims remain in serious condition, according to police. A hospital spokesperson would not comment.