BANGOR, Maine — Jessee Mackin in court Wednesday was found guilty of manslaughter.

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Mackin's conviction comes from the May 2015 death of 6-month-old Larry Lord, who was the son of Mackin's girlfriend.

According to testimony, Mackin was the person caring for the child when Lord's body went "limp."

"We're pleased with the verdict," said prosecutor Leanne Robbin. "This is the next step in getting justice for baby Larry."

Mackin's family said just the opposite, referring to the guilty verdict as "injustice."

Though convicted, Mackin walked away from court free on bail on Wednesday morning. Attorneys say this isn't uncommon.

"Because he has appeared at all his court appearances over the past four years," Robbin said. "This has been a long time coming and he has, one of the purposes of bail is that someone complies with the law when they're out and appears in court when they're summons to and he's done that."

Mackin and his attorney will likely appeal the guilty conviction.

Mackin is expected to be sentenced next month.