KENNEBUNK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A man from Massachusetts, who is said to have led both local and state police on multiple highway car chases, was arrested Friday morning.

State police said 22-year-old Tyler Keating of West Harwich, Massachusetts, is facing charges of eluding a police officer and failing to submit to arrest, according to state DPS spokesman Steve McCausland.

Keating's Volkswagen Jetta was first pursued by Portland police last week, and again Thursday night into early Friday morning.

Both state police troopers and Portland police officers were involved in pursuits Thursday on I-295. Keating's car was then spotted again on the Maine Turnpike, and troopers chased it in the southbound lane, where it avoided spike mats and got off at the Kennebunk exit, disappearing for some time.

The car then attempted to get back on the turnpike at the same exit, but Trooper Coflesky used a "PIT maneuver" with his cruiser, which spun the car out and brought the chase to an end. Keating fled to the woods near the Kennebunk tollbooth but was captured by troopers using a tracking dog about 10 minutes later around 1 a.m. Friday.

No was injured and Kennebunk police assisted at the scene.

Keating was taken to York County Jail.