*UPDATE 2/2 – The skeletal remains found in Thomaston are those of 41-year-old Joshua Robichaud, a transient, who was last seen leaving the Knox County Jail last May, state police and the medical examiner's office tell McCausland.

His death is not considered suspicious, but the M.E.'s office says it wants additional testing before finalizing a cause of death.

Robichaud had been arrested in May 2016 in Lewiston on outstanding warrants.

McCausland says the man's relatives in North Carolina and Maine have been notified.

THOMASTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — State and local police are investigating the discovery of a body, believed to be a man, found in Thomaston.

A workman who was in the area found the "badly decomposed body" Wednesday morning in a wooded area off Route 1 behind a Dunkin Donuts, police told state Public Safety Department spokesperson Steve McCausland.

The body was found a short distance into the woods from the parking lot, which is near the Rockland city line.

Police told McCausland it is likely the man's body has been there for a number of months, and that he is not from Knox County. The death has yet to be categorized, other than that it remains under investigation.

Detectives planned to assist the Thomaston Police Department in the removal of remains, which were then being taken to the state medical examiner's office.

Police are reviewing missing persons reports to assist in the identification process.