WASHINGTON D.C. (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- A group of Mainers spent 12 hours overnight on a bus to our nation's capitol to persuade Senators to vote no on Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, they say they are proud of their efforts but disappointed their own Senator wouldn't meet with them.

"After witnessing so many courageous women coming together, sharing their stories, dismay and their outrage, I am in awe of our strength," Kimberly Hammill of Levant said. "We made history by showing up to stop a sexual predator from being nominated to the Supreme Court, I am humbled and honored to be a part of a moment in US women’s history."

Hammill and others were hoping to sit down with Senator Susan Collins herself. They were able to secure a meeting with her staff and was told she was unavailable.

"I am left frustrated by Senator Collins - I traveled with a contingent of Mainers today who never saw her." Hammill said.

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"History won’t be kind; she’s erased her legacy of standing with women when it really counted: damage will be her legacy," another woman in the group said. "Shame on her."

The group was split in two and spent more then 20 minutes going over the reasons they felt the Senator should vote no on Kavanaugh.

"We are better than this, Maine and America," Kate Byrne of Portland said. "We need to remind each other and Congress that this is true."

Many of the women in the group are survivors of sexual abuse themselves, which they say makes this vote that much more crucial.

"I cried several times today because I was surrounded by sisters- and brothers- openly expressing their grief and anger over assaults they suffered at the hands of primarily entitled men," Kali Bird Isis of Portland said. "That Collins would consider him a viable option when his lying and his self-righteous and angry behavior so obviously shows how unfit he is to serve on the highest court of the land is so terribly disturbing."

Collins has yet to say whether or not she would support Kavanaugh. After she read over his FBI investigation file she released this statement:

It appears to be a very thorough investigation, but I am going back later today to personally read the interviews. That's really all I have to say right now.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to start the procedural vote for Kavanaugh at 10:30 a.m. If the vote is yes, his position could go in front of the full Senate as early as Saturday afternoon.