PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Who is Brett Kavanaugh – and what would his confirmation mean for Mainers? That was the question at hand Tuesday at a town hall in Portland.

The gathering, held at the University of Southern Maine's Hannaford Hall, was sponsored by The Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund.

"He's been in the heart of the beast and I can't say that I agree with how he's approached things, or his ideas," said Greg Sample, who attended the town hall with his wife.

Maine's ACLU Legal Director Zachary Heiden spoke about Kavanaugh's track record on abortion. Specifically one case, where he blocked a foreign unaccompanied minor, who had been abused, from getting one. Heiden said that decision was overturned by Kavanaugh's colleges, and it gave the ACLU evidence that Kavanaugh is willing to allow the government to restrict abortion rights, which concerned them.

The Christian Civic League of Maine says Kavanaugh would be an asset to the Supreme Court because of his stance on issues like abortion.

"When it comes to some of these contentious issues like the life issue and religious freedom, when someone does interpret the law from a strict constitutional way, you don't know what they're going to say for sure, ever, but we do believe that it would come down on the side of the sanctity of life," Civic League director Carroll Conley said.

The Environmental Working Group said Kavanaugh is no friend to the environment, and his rulings could negatively impact Mainers. They said Kavanaugh often rules in favor of polluters, and against public health.

However, The Christian Civic League of Maine appreciates Kavanaugh's constitution-centric approach to the law. "The judiciary should be saying 'what does the law say'? Legislators should be making the law, but judges should not be saying this is what the law should say," Conley said.