PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — It is common to daydream about what you want to do before you die. Now a group is asking Mainers what's on their bucket list ahead of National Healthcare Decisions week.

The Southern Maine chapter of Critical Care Nurses along with founder of Changing the Face of Dying, Amanda Carr have placed chalkboards in the Portland area saying, "Before I die, I want to..." and encouraging people to fill in the blank.

Carr says they are trying to raise awareness about end-of-life care and the importance of making decisions early.

The comments have been varied from funny to sweet to raising the question, who is Emily?

The project started in 2011 in New Orleans by Candy Chang. After she lost someone she loved, she converted an abandoned building into a giant chalk board and wrote, “Before I die, I want to…” The project has spread across the globe and has come to Maine before.

“By getting out here and challenging people to think about their deaths, it makes them think about their dreams and put their lives in perspective and hopefully it will lead into them thinking about documenting end-of-life care decision making,” says Carr.

The group has boards up at University of Southern Maine in Portland and Lewiston campuses, at Urban Farms Fermentory, Portland Public Library and another one has been put up at University of New England by another group.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week there are free events about end-of-life care in Southern Maine. For more information head out to changingthefaceofdying.com

Carr says the comments are being collected and will be preserved in a photo gallery.