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Maine veteran provides furniture, supplies to veterans transitioning out of homelessness

"I really believe that our homeless people in Maine are neglected."

PORTLAND, Maine — More than 100 veterans are sleeping on the streets or in the woods.

That's what the Department of Housing and Urban Development found one night in Maine in its latest homelessness report.

To erase that number, a Maine man has made it his mission to find every homeless veteran a home.

On Tuesday, Kevin Nicholson got the boost he needed to do just that.

"Everybody's got to wake up to this fact because it's not going away," Nicholson said as he checked in on one of his five storage lockers.

"This is where we come we pack all of our sleeping bags, our hygiene kits," he explained. "Socks, we have lots and lots of socks."

The storage lockers are all packed to the ceiling with supplies for homeless veterans.

"They're neglected. I really believe that our homeless people in Maine are neglected," he said.

It's part of his work for the Maine Homeless Veterans Alliance.

With help from volunteers, he finds veterans who are sleeping in the woods and guides them to the resources to get help.

When they do find that help Nicholson is there to make the house a home, providing furniture at no cost.

I wanted to wish Kevin Nicholson a very happy birthday! He is the ch... air of MHVA. Without Kevin this organization would be in very bad shape!

"We've completed over 200 veterans, furnishing apartments for over 200 veterans including spouses and children," he said.

Nicholson served in the Navy. He and several other veterans started this effort a few years ago.

"Every once in a while a veteran would leave the state....or they would pass away," he said. "Now I'm the last veteran of the eight."

But Tuesday, Nicholson got the help he needs to keep his mission going from an entire law firm.

Bernstein Shur donated $15,000 as part of an effort to shine a spotlight on local charitable organizations. 

"Changed the game," Nicholson said. "It paid off, to me, it paid off all the hard work everybody's done." 

A financial boost for one Maine veteran to continue helping other veterans in need.

For those who wish to help, give the Maine Homeless Veterans Alliance a call at (207) 228-4936.

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