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Maine State Music Theatre auditions 400 in New York

NEW YORK (NEWS CENTER Maine) – Imagine being one of three hundred dancers auditioning for a role that could launch your career. That’s what happens when the Maine State Music Theatre goes to New York for auditions.

“We’re here looking for as many as eight performance interns who are people at the entry level of the business who will come to Brunswick to work alongside our union professionals,” said Artistic Director Kurt Dale Clark,

The young performers are in New York from all over the country chasing their dream.

They are taught a dance in five minutes and then perform eight bars, about fifteen seconds. They often trade places with another performer and dance again.

If they get a call-back, they come back later in the day to dance.

Another call-back gives them the opportunity to sing for the panel.

This is the experience of a lifetime,” said Managing Director. “They have worked all their lives to get here and this is their chance to prove to us what they can do.”