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Maine starts issuing REAL IDs

REAL ID-compliant licenses are available as of July 1 at Bureau of Motor Vehicles locations across the state. Enforcement starts in October 2020.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles branches worked to install new technology and procedures, per Maine law, for the July 1, 2019 rollout.

Now anyone looking to get a REAL ID compliant license or identification card can now do so, but Department of the Secretary of State tweeted Monday there is, "No need to rush in, though - enforcement of REAL ID requirements won't begin until October 2020."

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There are additional requirements in order for applicants to receive a new card, including a new photograph. Copies of the other documents listed in the checklist will be kept on file with the state.

Credit: Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Credit: Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles

People with valid licenses or IDs expiring will have the option to renew their current ones for a REAL ID, but it is not required, and a non-REAL ID will be issued. In October 2020, those without the new cards will have to use additional identifying documents, such as a passport, to travel on a commercial aircraft or get into secure federal buildings.

A new REAL ID driver's license in Maine will cost $55, and a REAL ID will cost $30, according to the BMV website.

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