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Maine reclaims record for world's largest ice carousel

The spinning ice disk in Long Lake was 1,234 feet wide and more than 27 acres.

ST AGATHA, Maine — Folks in the St. John valley have done it again and reclaimed the record for the world's largest ice carousel Saturday.

The spinning disk of ice on Long Lake was 1,234 feet wide and more than 27 acres. 

The last record was set in Finland with a carousel 1,020 feet in diameter.

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Roger Morneault and the Northern Maine Ice Busters used a trencher, long-bar chainsaws and six power augers to get the job done, according to Mike Cyr who was involved in the project.

As for how it spun, Cyr said a large diesel motor with a propeller and several outboard motors got the disk going at a glacial one mile per hour for about two hours and seven minutes. 

The record still has to be verified by Guinness. 

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