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Maine prepares for Wuhan coronavirus

There are no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in New England, however, two in New Hampshire are being monitored for the disease

MAINE, USA — Maine is taking precautions to ensure it's ready for an outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus. The deadly disease has already killed more than 100 in China, and five are believed to be infected in the United States. 

"We fully recognize that emerging infectious diseases like this one, understandably contribute to public apprehension, we understand that concern," said Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Nirav D. Shah. 

Maine does not have a confirmed case of coronavirus, nor is the state actively monitoring anyone for the virus. Despite that, the Maine CDC is working to ensure it's prepared to handle any instances of Mainers becoming infected.

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As the death toll for the coronavirus rises in China, Maine CDC officials held a press conference Monday to address concerns.

"We want to be responsive to it and make sure that the information that comes out of the Maine CDC is first, that it's accurate and that it's concise," said Shah.

In New Hampshire, two are being closely monitored and isolated after showing respiratory symptoms similar to the Wuhan coronavirus.

The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are now recommending that Americans rethink travel plans to China, while the threat of being infected rises. 

National CDC officials says that anyone returning from China and is experiencing shortness of breath, fever, or cough should get in contact with medical professionals.