SCARBOROUGH, Maine — In President George H.W. Bush’s final years, a team of paramedics and other medical professionals stayed with him almost constantly wherever he was, including in Maine.

The Bush family even brought some locals onto their staff in Kennebunkport to help facilitate necessary care.

Josh Grzyb of Scarborough was brought onto the team in Summer 2015.

After a nerve-wracking first meeting in which Grzyb could barely stutter through the President’s name, the two developed a good rapport.

Grzyb says the President didn’t talk much but was very sharp and loved being out and about as much as possible.

The 2017 summer was Grzyb’s last but before he wrapped up his time at Walker’s Point he asked the President for a favor.

Grzyb asked the President for a letter of recommendation to a physician’s assistant school he was applying to.

Mr. Bush said yes and the letter was written in February.

In the document, the President called Grzyb a “tremendous asset” whose “caring nature and work ethic have made him a valuable addition to our team during the summer months of the past three years.”

Unfortunately, Grzyb never got the chance to tell the President he did make it into the physician’s assistant program but says if he had the chance he would have thanked Mr. Bush and given him a big hug.