SCARBOROUGH, Maine — According to the Bangor Daily News, US Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) is set to open a facility in Scarborough. The building will be located at 40 Manson Libby Road in Scarborough. 

Alisha Wofford, a leasing specialist for the agency involved in securing the location, told the BDN that the building would not be "brightly advertised as an ICE location."

According to the paper, people suspected of violations will be detained at the facility. Authorities will process and fingerprint these people. If necessary people may be kept onsite in holding rooms until they can be discreetly transported to a detention facility.

The building will be shared with a marketing firm and a health agency for federal veterans. "ICE operations are not expected to trigger any of the visiting veterans," Woffard told the Bangor Daily News.

A date has not been released regarding when operations will begin, according to the report

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