STANDISH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Firefighters and Rangers with the Maine Forest Service battled fires across the state on Tuesday.

The Forest Service tweeted out photos at many different fires including in China, Greenville, Wellington, and Carmel. Ranger Claudette Desautels said Rangers have responded to dozens of fires in the past two weeks.

“Right now it’s really dry," said Ranger Desautels. “We’re in high fire danger right now. It’s crazy, I mean we are busy right now.”

She said people need to be conscious of any activity that could cause a spark, including using ATVs, our power tools outside, or camping.

“We’ve had quite a few fires, just this last summer alone started by campfires not fully extinguished," said Desautels.

Fire departments in some rural areas report difficulties getting water to wildfires fires because nearby local water sources have dried out, according to Deputy Chief John Damon with the Mechanic Falls Fire Department, which had wildfires Monday night and again Tuesday afternoon.

Towns across the state frequently stop handing out burn permits when the fire danger is above Class 2, which is considered "moderate."

In Zones 1 and 3, the fire danger was Class 3, or "high" on Tuesday.

ME Forest Service's fire danger map for Tuesday 08/09/16.
ME Forest Service's fire danger map for Tuesday 08/09/16.

“It’s been so dry for so long. We haven’t had any good rain. The little bit of rain that we’ve gotten hasn’t really done a whole lot. So the fire activity has picked up again," said Desautels.

Desautels also reminded people to not dispose of cigarettes in the grass or woods.