PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Captain Mowatts hot sauce has been burning up Portland and Maine for the last 20 years.

Dan Stephens is a Mainer who was inspired by Louisana cuisine when he lived and worked on an oil rig down south. When he returned home to Maine and he started making hot sauce for friends and family, they said it was so good, people would buy it.

Stephens says the hardest part was coming up with a name for his new enterprise, so he leaned on history to help him.

"In 1775, October 18th (Captain Mowatts) pulled into Portland harbor with five ships and burnt the city down. So we say we are still burning Portland."

Captain Mowatts has become quite a name in Maine and across the U.S. winning awards and fans one bottle at a time.

Stephens has made his business a family affair. His wife, son and daughters all help churn out, locally sourced bottles, hand-labeled with ingredients from Maine.

His son, Nate Stephens says they don't use frozen products only fresh ingredients like Maine blueberries and raspberries for the sauce.

While Captain Mowatts varieties and flavors have expanded over the years, Nate is quick to point out being Maine-made isn't going to change.

You can purchase Captain Mowatts on their website or at Whole Foods Market. Check out their website here.