Hallowell (NEWS CENTER Maine) --More people throughout Maine are turning to alternative treatments as a way to beat symptoms of Lyme. That includes yoga, reiki and herbal remedies.

Suzanne Cobb is the owner of Panacea School of Integrative Health. She says Yoga and alternative medicine helped her overcome debilitating back pain, memory loss and numbness in her hands.

She teaches Yoga, massage therapy and consults patients from across Maine but always tells patients to check with their doctor first.

A number of medical experts don't rule out nontraditional treatments for patients if they are effective in relieving symptoms of Lyme disease. Cobb says patients who try alternative treatments need to be patient.

'It could be anywhere from a month to two, three months depending on how deep and sick they are there are other lingering things that need to be addressed,' said Cobb.

For more information go to www.panaceayogastudios.com

Information on Lyme Disease www.cdc.gov keyword Lyme