ARUNDEL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- "I'll dance all day long." Lola Matteu wouldn't have it any other way. Dancing, classic cars, cake, and a Saloon filled with friends and family. A Maine woman celebrated her 100th birthday in style and tradition.

PHOTOS: Lola celebrates at Bentley's

Approximately one-hundred people came to celebrate Lola's big day on Sunday, and to see her pull up to Bentley's Salon in Arundel in a 1917 Chevy 490...A car born the same year she was.

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Lola grew up working in Old Orchard Beach and hasn't missed a single birthday at Bentley's since 2007. “I had my 90th birthday here the first time,” she said.

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Lola now lives in Montana, and Bentley's flies her to Maine to celebrate each birthday.

Lola credits her longevity to dancing, which she’s taken up since she was five years-old. She doesn’t smoke and drinks very little. "she can really shake it up and she's always dancing with these young guys," Lola loves her remarkable life.