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Local Maine city clerk gives birth on Election Day

The South Portland City Clerk is usually hard at work on Election Day, but this year her job was a little bit different.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Any town or city clerk will tell you, when it comes to putting on an election, things can get pretty labor-intensive.

For South Portland City Clerk Emily Scully, it was a different kind of labor.

"What are the odds of that actually happening?" she asked.

Emily gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Alannah at 11:29 p.m. on November 3.

"Right under the wire. Election Day baby," Emily said.

Emily and her husband Mike said her due date was supposed to be November 9.

"My mind immediately went to the election and I thought, 'oh no this can't happen,'" Emily said.

"As we got closer to the actual delivery and the doctors and nurses kind of framed up the timeline we realized holy cow this is going to be on election night," Mike said.

Luckily for Emily, others at City Hall stepped up to take over for the first time parents could concentrate on the baby and not the election.

"We spent our time watching 'Jeopardy!' Keeping our minds off the news and taking a break from that for a little while," Emily said.

Now that they are home with their Election Day baby, Emily and Mike are now concentrating on the transition to parenthood.

"Her first night home was pretty rough. There was very little sleep that night. But most of the others since then have been, knock on wood, pretty good," Mike said.

Emily said, "We love our newest family member. We're adjusting.