FREEPORT, Maine — A building that used to be home to a retail store is now hosting a new display.

A local art show took place Thursday evening inside of a town-owned but currently vacant building in the heart of the Freeport shopping district.

Abercrombie and Fitch left that space in December.

Freeport Town Council member Tawni Whitney and others organized the show with only two weeks notice.

The show features artwork from both well and lesser known Freeport artists. It had a great turnout, with hundreds coming through the doors and several artwork items being sold.

Whitney says it’s important to create opportunities for residents to contribute to the local economy because it encourages local artists to keep creating.

"It inspires them to do more," said Whitney. "I was listening to one artist and he said, 'If I sell a painting tonight, I'll do more. But I can’t bring myself to do it often if I have paintings sitting around.'" 

That building is currently available for lease.