ROCKLAND, Maine — The famous lobster trap Christmas tree kicked off the holiday season for Rockland Friday night.

This is the 16th year that the trap tree has been put up, it is built by the Coast Guard and local volunteers, and decorated with buoys from local fishermen.

The tree is 39 feet tall, and Rockland claims it is the world's largest lobster trap tree.

"It has one hundred and fifty five traps, twenty five hundred lights, one hundred lobster buoys, all donated by fisherman. Everyone of those buoys was fished at one time," said Gordon Page.

Page says the winners of the raffle can choose to take 50 traps or a cash prize. 

The money goes to pay for the traps and ramp up Main Street. 

Lighting the Lobster Trap Tree will start Rockland's Festival of Lights weekend, which includes the big parade of lights Saturday night. 

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