A new online resource guide for Maine's LGBTQ community is now live online. The website Out In Maine connects Mainers to resources, gay-friendly businesses, as well social events. 

The free website is connected with resources in all 16 Maine counties including stores, businesses, places of worship, and schools in addition to LGBTQ support organizations. 

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The sites founder David Burke has been planning the launch of his website for some time. "For three years it's been will it get done, will I have enough, will everything work out just right," said Burke. "It's a big relief to know that it's out there and available for the public."

Burke hopes that by March there will more 150 different resources available for Mainers. He plans for the site to continue to grow and to find more gay-friendly businesses to work with. 

"Maine is a part of this. It's not just for the gay community, it's for the state of Maine," said Burke. "So I do very well support Maine businesses as well as veterans. It's very important as a veteran myself." 

The site launched early on New Year's Day, and Burke looks to see his resource guide and social calendar expand.