LEWISTON, Maine — Lewiston Police announced Saturday afternoon that one of their officers died at his home Friday night.

Lt. Dave St. Pierre said officer Nick Meserve died, and did not release any details about the circumstances of his death, only saying that there was no criminal aspect or violence. He called it an “unattended death.”

"There was no sign of violence, and the cause of death is not known at this time. The state police will be investigating the cause of his death," he wrote in a statement.

He said officer Meserve’s body will be sent for an autopsy, which St. Pierre believed would shed light on the details surrounding his death.

“Many of us are mourning at this time, including family, friends, and members of the police department,” said Lt. St. Pierre. “It’s tough on all of us. He was very involved in the community.”

Officer Meserve has been employed with the City of Lewiston Police Department since 2009 and prior to this employment he worked for the Androscoggin County Jail.

Meserve helped with many Special Olympics events.

Lewiston Maine Police Department added a new photo.
Lewiston Maine Police Department added a new photo.

St. Pierre asked the public to respect the time that people are mourning.

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Lewiston Maine Police Department added a new photo.
(L to R) Officer Meserve, Ayden Goding, Lt. St.Pierre, and Officer Philippon.

"With the deepest sadness and regret, The Lewiston Police Department announces the untimely death of one of our Officers; Nicholas Meserve. He was found deceased at his home on Friday, February 08. 2019," St. Pierre wrote on the department's Facebook page. "We would like to express our sincere condolences to Officer Meserve’s family, friends and colleagues alike during this difficult time."

"Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends and with those who worked closely with him in the department."