UPDATE 6:35 p.m.: At about 4:30 p.m., the state's tactical unit broke down the hotel room door after obtaining a warrant. Eventually, authorities relayed to NEWS CENTER's Kristina Rex that a man had died in that room from suicide.

The road was re-opened at 5:35 PM.

Lewiston police say they were called to the scene just after 10 AM for a well-being check on a man in a hotel room.

When they arrived, they say they heard two gunshots.

The motel was evacuated… About 30 people had to leave.

A police officer said that though they feared it may be a suicide, they had hoped they could and the situation peacefully and with everyone alive.

They called in the help of the Auburn Police Department to take all Lewiston calls, and state police to assist them at the scene.

The State police Tactical Team made around 100 phone calls to the individual and attempted to contact him over the loudspeaker as well.

The police then received a warrant to search the place around 4:30 and broke into the room with the tactical team trucks battering ram.

They say this felt like the safest option, rather than entering the room with a hotel key.

That's when they found the man deceased by gunshot wound.

LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Roadblocks and police cars are keeping the public a safe distance away from a standoff at a motel in Lewiston.

The standoff began Sunday morning at the Motel 6 on Pleasant Street and extended for hours into the afternoon.

The road in front of the motel is closed between Alfred Plourde Parkway and Lisbon Street.

Police are offering little information while the operation is still ongoing. But the response outside the motel includes units from the Lewiston Police and Maine State Police. Officers could be seen suiting up in protective gear. Using a megaphone, they could be heard directing a request toward the motel for someone to pick up a telephone.

NEWS CENTER will provide more information on this developing situation as it becomes available.