BOOTHBAY ( NEWS CENTER Maine)--Homeowners are glad to see the snowplow come during these March snowstorms, but those plows are also leaving a mark.

"When the ground isn’t frozen it's miserable," said Ben Stover of Boothbay. His business, SBLC Landscaping, plows dozens of driveways. The late-season snow, he adds, makes it tough to plow gravel driveways without causing serious damage.

"Yes its tough to explain to your customers when they come back from Florida what happened during the winter," he said.

The problem goes back to the warm weather in February, which drew much of the frost out if the ground. That left gravel driveways and lawns soft and at the mercy of heavy steel plow blades. Stover and his friend Kip Farrin, who also owns a landscaping business and plows snow, said the damage is often unavoidable. Farrin said the only way to reduce the chance of tearing up a driveway is to keep a gentle touch on the controls.

“Feel it out a little bit so you know where the sweet spot is, and just pick it up a little bit," he said. But also admitted that damage will happen despite their beef efforts.

Many landscapers depend on plowing to earn a living during the winter. Stover called snow " a necessary evil" for his business, then said he is ready for winter to be over. Farrin agreed.

"I’m ready I’m ready, he said. "Like all of us I’d rather be digging or mowing than plowing."