BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)— Around 20 families were lucky enough to enjoy a favorite holiday tradition Saturday when the Maine Discovery Museum held its annual Gingerbread House workshop.

Children along with an adult were able to decorate a gingerbread house anyway they wanted. Organizers provided the gingerbread house along with candy, edible “building supplies” for sleds, trees, decks, even gingerbread doghouses. They say the workshop is a lot of fun but it also has an educational component.

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Director of Education for the museum, Trudi Plummer said, "we have so many bits and parts to hand out that there is plenty of engineering and problem solving involved. The kids get icing which is not the same as glue so it has its own laws of physics they have to figure out. And they come up with some amazing things like street lanterns, an ice rink and a doghouse. So there are plenty of things to work out and solve as they build.”

Some people believe there was just as much candy consumed as placed on to the house but only the parents know that for sure.