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Kelsey lends a hand: toll booth collector

GARDINER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — If you have an E-ZPass, handing your change to a toll collector might seem like a thing of the past, but the job does still exist.

I joined Diane Frederickson who has been working the tolls for 29 years. Her tiny booth is at the Gardiner toll plaza and although the job is simple and some might even consider it boring, but makes the best of it each and every day.

The job was what I expected, collecting and counting money, but what I didn't expect is to work with someone who loved their job as much as Diane.

During my time shadowing Diane, I learned she greets every driver with a warm smile and a friendly hello. She has a high energy level and a hilarious personality.

Being a toll collector might be one of my favorite jobs yet, not because I loved the actually job, but because Diane made it so fun.

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