AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – A judge ruled that two pit bulls that attacked and killed another dog and injured the owner will be euthanized.

The ruling came Tuesday after a two day trial in Augusta a judge has ruled the evidence proves two pit bulls are dangerous and should be put down. The owner of the two dogs fought the charge in an attempt to save the dogs lives.

Owner Danielle Jones’ two pit bulls escaped a fenced in area in Winslow last August and charged a leashed puppy named Fergie owned by Sharon Carey.

The defense said the state was politicizing this case, trying to demonize the two dogs and the pit bull breed. But the judge said he found two criteria that allows him to issue the euthanasia order. The dogs caused significant injury to a person and they had been involved an attack before once before.

The puppy's owner Sharon Carey tried to fend off the dogs without success. She suffered numerous bite wounds to her hand. The puppy died from a collapsed lung and internal bleeding due to dog bites. Carey and her husband said the judge's decision brings justice for their deceased dog.

The owner of the two pit bulls testified she did her best to restrain her dogs during the attack and tried to help the puppy Fergie, but the chaos of the moment including people hitting the dogs helped fuel the attack.

The judge ruled the dogs must be put down by a licensed veterinarian with 30 days of the ruling. The owner of the pit bulls was also fined two $250 fines.