BELFAST (NEWS CENTER Maine) - The woman accused of killing her daughter will get a psychological evaluation before going to trial, her lawyer says.

Sharon Carrillo is charged with depraved indifference murder for the death of 10-year-old Marissa Kennedy in Stockton Springs.

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Justice Robert Murray granted the state's request for a psychological evaluation on Friday, Carrillo's lawyer says.

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Chris MacLean says the defense did not oppose this request. It did, however, oppose the state's request for a neuropsychological evaluation, which the judge denied. A neuropsychological evaluation is essentially a deeper and more complex psych eval; it can detect not only cognitive issues, but their origins as well.

Carrillo's lawyer alleges she is a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her husband Julio Carrillo, who is also charged with Marissa's murder.

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The evaluation will be scheduled within the next 45 days, according to state law. The results will be private, unless they come out during the trial.