Jordyn's Journey: Recovery, roadblocks, and a new life
Author: Kristina Rex
Published: 6:29 PM EST February 13, 2018
Updated: 6:29 PM EST February 13, 2018
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MONTREAL, QUEBEC, Canada (NEWS CENTER Maine) – It was one year ago that we first met Jordyn Dumont. A 26-year-old former college athlete from Shapleigh, Jordyn had fallen deep into a heroin addiction.

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It was only when her mother rushed her to the emergency room that she discovered her daughter’s addiction. She scrambled, desperately trying to find an affordable treatment center that would take Jordyn right away. That task was not easy, and Dawna Dumont ultimately took her daughter to Montreal to get the treatment she needed to overcome her addiction.

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Jordyn's Journey: Recovery, roadblocks, and a new life

Chapter 1

A lot has changed

That story sparked an outpouring of support for Jordyn and her family. We’ve received emails, calls, and Facebook messages asking us how she is doing – so we took another trip to Montreal to bring you Jordyn’s Journey: One year later.

Fast forward: one year.

It takes Jordyn about three hours to do her makeup and five hours have a cup of coffee. Why? Because she’s a mother to newborn baby Nathan Alexander Mazzu.

“In the [Andy’s House] program, they kind of teach you to keep things simple,” Jordyn said. “And I think I did far from that.”

There is one constant in Jordyn’s life: her sobriety.

But a lot has changed. She’s married, and has a family of her own.

Chapter 2

The relapse

It may seem like a happy ending, but the road wasn’t easy.

Rewind one year – to New Year’s 2017, when Jordyn relapsed after 90 days in rehab.

Jordyn said she and a friend decided to go out on New Year’s Eve and get some cocaine. “We were just going to do that one time,” she said. “And with us addicts it’s never one time.”

She says she reached an “all time low” that night, even going on Craigslist searching for heroin. She never found any, though. “I had to drink a whole bottle of cough syrup to bring me down to that numbness that I was so familiar with,” she said. This relapse happened weeks before we first met Jordyn, but she didn’t feel comfortable telling us until now.

After the relapse, she went back to 30 days of meetings and rekindled an old friendship.

Chapter 3

Enter: Steve

“I always had a small crush on Steve,” Jordyn said as she giggled and blushed.

Steve Mazzu is a former resident of Andy’s House with three years of sobriety under his belt. Jordyn first met him on her first day in rehab. More than a year later, they’re married.

“I was one of those people that always kept things in, and I think that was a huge part of my using [drugs] is that I just kept things in and I didn’t want to tell anybody my issues,” she explained. “But Steve actually makes me want to talk to him.”

She says having both ‘graduated’ from Andy’s House has made their relationship special. They both know how to properly communicate and have formed an open and honest relationship.

Jordyn’s mom Dawna gushes with joy when she talks about Steve. “I have never seen [Jordyn] more happy in her life than she is now,” she said. “I have never seen her this happy. Steven is just a wonderful wonderful man.”

Chapter 4

Goodbye Andy's House

Jordyn’s happy relationship with Steve put a roadblock in her recovery.

Their relationship is a violation of Andy’s House rules.

“The rule is the rule,” explained Andy’s House Director Mike Weston. “It’s there to protect our residents.”

At Andy’s House, residents can’t date. Jordyn and Steve kept their relationship a secret as Jordyn continued her outpatient treatment. “That was a risk we were willing to take,” Jordyn explained. “Because very quickly we knew that this [relationship] was going to be something real.”

Then – the unexpected happened. Jordyn found out she was pregnant.

With a baby on the way, Jordyn and Steve knew they had to come clean to their counselors at Andy’s House.

Jordyn can’t talk about the day she told her counselor, Glen, without getting tears in her eyes. “It was very tough,” she said. “We were very close with our main counselor…I considered him a father figure.”

She says when she told Glen about Steve and the baby, “He didn’t say a word...He just kind of stared at me.”

She says it was one of the toughest days of her recovery.

Jordyn and Steve are no longer welcome at Andy’s House.

Jordyn had no choice but to look ahead.

She and Steve had just a few months to create the life they wanted for their unborn son.

Chapter 5

Enter: Nathan

“It’s up to me and Steve to raise this child, and raise him in a home that he is able to talk about his feelings,” Jordyn said. Creating a positive environment for her unborn son was the utmost priority. “[I don’t want him to] have to grow up with parents that are hiding things, or using in the bathroom,” she said.

Jordyn and Steve got married and Nathan Alexander Mazzu came into this world. Jordyn vividly remembers her emotions the day Nathan was born. “It was like ‘I can’t breathe’ crying. Like I’m so happy,” she said. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

Nathan’s birth was a blessing for mom, dad, and grandma.

Neither Jordyn nor Steve ever thought they would have children, largely because of their addiction.

They said within minutes of finding out Jordyn was pregnant, they knew keeping the baby was the right thing to do.

Chapter 6

The journey is just beginning.

One year. A year of sobriety. A wedding. A baby boy.

Jordyn has only been a mom for 10 weeks, but everyone closest to her sees a transformation from the woman we met one year ago.

“I see somebody who is loving, who has compassion, who is a great mother,” her husband Steve said.

Her rehab director said the same. “She [is] so beautiful and radiant,” Mike Weston said.

Her mom Dawna is overcome with emotion when she talks about being a grandma. “Jordyn is is so in love with that baby,” she said. “She is such a good mom.” She beams with pride at what Jordyn has accomplished. “One day I’m in the hospital with my child overdosing, and here I am a grandmother from the same child.”

Jordyn’s Journey is far from over – and each day is another day to work for her recovery, one step at a time.

“When I first got in the house and I see these people taking like three month [sobriety] chips and six months chips I’m [thinking], ‘Yeah right, this is not feasible for me,’” she said. “And then now I have a year. It’s like wow, [time] actually flew by.”