SKOWHEGAN (NEWS CENTER Maine) – Court documents released Tuesday revealed that both John Williams, and the man he is accused of killing, Somerset County Sheriff’s Deputy Corporal Eugene Cole, were present at the time Williams’ girlfriend, Kristina Pomerleau, was arrested in April.

In a police affidavit released Monday, Williams said he was upset at Cole for arresting Pomerleau, before Williams allegedly killed Cole when the corporal tried to arrest him on April 25.

John Williams was 'mad at Corporal Cole for arresting his girlfriend' before alleged murder

Pomerleau was arrested on April 21 after Cole and another deputy pulled her over. Cole saw her driving and knew her license was suspended.

The arrest affidavit of Pomerleau states she was driving Williams’ car, and he was riding in the passenger seat at the time of her arrest. Williams could not provide insurance on the car, and it had to be towed.

Williams was free to go, and according to the affidavit, left with Christopher Williams. A man by that same name had contact with John Williams the night of the alleged murder, including phone calls with Williams before and after the incident.

During the traffic stop, Cole found a white powder that tested positive for cocaine, as well as baggies and other drug paraphernalia. Pomerleau was charged with one count each of possession and furnishing drugs.

Monica Brown knew Corporal Cole. He used to patrol across from her home. She also knew John Williams before she says he got into drugs.

”It was sad. It was truly sad to see what the epidemic has done with the drugs and you can truly tell," said Brown. “If John had given him that chance and not resisted arrest, he would have seen that Cole would have treated him just like you or I.”

Williams pleaded not guilty to the Corporal’s murder on June 12.

Corporal Cole’s brother, Tom Cole, said in a text message: he wants to forgive Williams, but says he is still heartbroken, and believes justice will be served.

There is a public fundraiser on June 29 from 7-11 pm at TnBs Tavern in Skowhegan with karaoke and dancing in honor of Corporal Cole. All the money raised will go towards sending Cole's brother, Tom, to Nashville to record songs that Corporal Cole wrote. The cost is $10 at the door and $8 in advance.